Through 40 Years in operation, I C P Ladda has been regarded as a leading company in the field of agrochemical business in Thailand. It was founded in 1966 by Mr.Pichai Manichote who is now the president of Ladda Group of Companies. With 230 employees, we generate total sales around 1,000 milion bath per annum.We are specialized in crop protection, plant nutrition, plant growth regulators(PGRs), seeds business, floriculture and ornamental plants, tissue culture, post harvest technology and irrigation system

Common Name captan 50% WP

Common Name prochloraz 50% WP

Common Name atrazine 90% WG

Common Name omethoate 50% SL

Common Name Fenoxaprop-p-Ethyl+safener 6.9% W/V EW

Common Name Bacillus subtilis 1x109 cfu/g WP