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Atrazine 80

An agricultural pest killer for corn and sugar cane


Atrazine 80% WP

This is a type of Triazines, which perfectly absorbs and in-credibly terminate pests. The product comes in powder form and easily melts in water. No dust, of course. With intense ingredient, the effect of the product should last for over 1 year. It works perfectly even in the middle of humidity. The product should hinder photosynthesis of pests.

The product is perfect for pre-emergence usage and early post-emergence usage. It can terminate various species of narrow-leaf pests and wide-leaf pests.

Quantity Of Usage:
Mix 500g of the product with 60-80 litres of water. Use the composition for 1,600 square metres.

Another way is to mix 150g of the product with 20 litres of water, and spray the composition for 400 square metres after growing and decorating your sugar cane. This method is suitable for pre-emergence usage and moist dirt. Furthermore, your first time of the composition usage should be start-ed as soon as there are at least 2-3 leaves of pests. The pests shouldn’t be taller than 7.5-10 cm.

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