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Cyperguard 25 EC Bio

Regularly used to eliminate insects in residences and buildings


cypermethrin……. 25% W/V EC

The product will kill insects in your houses.

How to use:
Just spray the product all over the area that you want to get rid of insects.

For flying insects, mix 1 part of the product with 200 parts of water. Then the composition should be sprayed for 25ml per 1 square metre.

For crawling insects, mix 1 part of the product with 200 parts of water. The spray the composition for 50ml per 1 square metre.

For the highest safety, don’t keep pets, kids or food in the room when you spray the product.


Common name : Cypermethrin
Formulation : 25%  W/V EC
Trade name :  CYPERGUARD 25 EC BIO
Packaging : 12 x 1 L ,20 L
Use profile :Cypermethrin is for use in the control of household insects such as cockroaches and house flies 



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