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Temeguard 1% SG

Special formula of sand, perfectly for killing mosquito larvas


temephos 1% W/W

The product can throughout eliminate mosquito larvas for 3 months.

How to use:
Mix 1g of the product with 10 litres of water in a bowl. Then use 1/10 teaspoon of the composition for each time you want to eliminate mosquito larvas

How to keep :
Keep the product away from kids and pets.

The product is not eatable. Don’t let the product touch your skin. Don’t pour or drop the product in any water resource, as it will harm plants and animals. Moreover, always follow every single word on the package.

In case the product irritate your skin, use soap and water to wash. If it’s in your eye, wash your eye with clean water. But if you (accidentally) con-sume the product, you should go to a hospital right after throwing up.

Common name : Temephos
Formulation : 1% W/W Sand Granule
Trade name : TEMEGUARD 1% SG
Packaging : 12 x 1L ,20 L
Use profile : Temefos sand granule for the 4-month residual control of mosquito larvae


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