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3967 จำนวนผู้เข้าชม


Fights rotten roots and agricultural diseases from fungus


Fosetyl-aluminium 80% WG

This is a type of Phosphonate, which comes in pill form. It absorbs upwardly and downwardly. Use it, and it will hinder spore growth and and fungus growth. Therefore, plants won’t be killed by disease.

Quantity Of Usage:
In case wanting to prevent your plants from diseases, mix 50g of the product with 20 litres of water. Spray the composition on leaves and trunks.

But, in case wanting to cure plants, you have to mix 80-150g of the product with 1 litre of water. Then apply the composition on all wounds. After that, mix another 100g of the product with 20 litres of water, and spray the com-position all over leaves and trunks. Repeat these thrice.

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