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I C P Ladda Company

Were a leading company of agrochemical that import, produce, and sell various types of products, including agricultural-pest killer, chemical fertiliser, agricultural hormone and lots more. For over 50 years, weve done every possible things to ensure product quality and environmental safety. For that reason, our quality is guaranteed with ISO 9001 : 2008, ISO 14001 : 2004 from BVQI of UKAS, England, and GMP from The Food And Drug Administration(FDA).

Our Vision
1. To be a Thai leading company of agrochemical and biochemical tech-nology.
2. To be a reliable business partner.
3. To be a successful company.
Our Attitude
We work by using ethics and good governance. We believe that quality personnels can create finest works for our organisation.
Our Quality Policies
1. To develop and push the company to the highest peak of academic matter, knowledge resource and agricultural technology.
2. To create image brand and brand loyalty, making them well-known.
3. To finish delivery right on time.
Our Environmental Policies
1. To specify environmental policies and practice them in real life.
2. To follow law of environment and other rules related to our activities.
3. To control and prevent possible pollution caused by our activities.
4. To preserve all natural resources.
5. To develop all products in eco-friendly way.
6. To control the quality of contractors and employees.
7. To create consciousness for all employees.
8. These policies should be published to all employees and related peo-ple.

Product Stewardship

All related people, from producers, distributors and consumers, will always be responsible for all environmental and safety matters.

We’ve always aimed at keeping highest quality and following all parts of the law. We’ve also considered the safety of our customers.


     These are our responsibilities, which can assure the quality of our products.

     1. All texts on every packages must be definitely true, especially those on chemical substance, according to Parliament Act of Hazardous Material 1992.

     2. The amounts of all substances must follow specifications, according to Department of Agriculture and FAO.

     3. Quality of formulations and physical appearance must have internation-al industrial standard.

     4. Product guarantee will be provided for you within 2 years, starting from the manufacture date. For your information, to get a product guarantee, your purchased products must have been kept by following the stand-ard of product preservation.

For product-return acceptance

1. If there are really problems about our product quality, we will be happy to take the products back or get you new products.

2. We will always be happy to examine all chemical substances for you, without requiring an amount of money.

3. We are able to terminate your purchased products, in case they’re over 2 years old. For this purpose, we don’t require a service fee. However, you need to pay for product transport, in case you want to transport a bunch of products to our company.


For your information, our product stewardship is only about product quality and product guarantee. There’s nothing to do with regular trade in every-day life.

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