Nadan 6 G - ICPLADDA

1932 จำนวนผู้เข้าชม

Nadan 6 G

For worm and aphis elimination in grain fields


Cartap hydrochloride 3% + Fenobucarb 3% GR

With Nereitoxin analogue + Carbamate and sand, the prod-uct incredibly absorbs and kill a whole bunch of worms and aphis. These agricultural pests will be dead as soon as they touch or consume the prod-uct.

This product is able to eliminate various types of worms and aphis, protect-ing grain fields.

Quantity Of Usage:
The suggested quantity is 3-5 kg per 1,600 square me-tres. About 20-30 day after scattering rice kernel, it’s time to scatter the product upon grain fields throughout. Then, 30 days after scattering the product for the first time, then repeat the same procedure.

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