2001 จำนวนผู้เข้าชม


A narrow-leaf pest killer


Clomazone 48%EC

This is a type of Isoxazolidinones, which can absorb upward-ly and downwardly. The product should reduce pigmentation and hinder photosysthesis of all pests.

The product is for both pre-emergence usage and early post-emergence usage. It should fight various types of pests.

Quantity Of Usage:
Mix 100-110ml of the product with 60-80 litres of water. Use the composition for 1,600 square metres. Also mix 25-27.5ml of the product with 15-20 litres of water, and spray the composition for 400 square metres. You are suppose to do that 2 days after scattering rice ker-nel. You also have to let water out of your fields before spraying the com-position. Then, 2 days after spraying the composition, let water in again.

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