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Delguard 150

For preventing mosquitos in personal residences or buildings


1.5 % W/V EC (Deltamethrin)

The product is good for killing and preventing mosquitos in your own house.

How to use:
The product must be used by an expert only.

For regular spraying, just mix 1ml of the product with 150 litres of kerosene. Then spray the composition for 1 litre per 1,000 square metres.

For ULV use, mix 1ml of the product with 30 litres of kerosene. Then spray the composition for 10 litres per 1,000 square metres.

Common name : Deltamethrin
Formulation : 1.5% W/V EC
Trade name : DELGUARD 150
Packaging : 12 x 1L ,20 L
Use profile : Deltamethrin is for use in the control of household insects such as mosquitoes.


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