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Toufodee 84

Perfectly kill wide-leafed pests and Cyperus difformis


Ingredient : 

  2,4-D dimethyl ammonium 84% SL

Qualification : 
  This is a type of Phenoxy carboxylic acids . The product comes in liquid form and is suitable for post-emergence usage. By using it, pests will lose its balance of hormone and die shortly after.

Quantity Of Usage : 
Mix 140-160ml of the product with 60-80 litres of water. Spray the composi-tion for 1,600 square metres.

Another way is to mix 35-40ml with 15-20 litres of water. Spray the compo-sition for 400 square metres, 20 days after scattering rice kernel. Do not forget to let water out of your fields first. Then, 2 days after finishing every-thing, let water back in again.

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